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Belize Zip Line

Belize Zip Line

Belize is World Famous for the lush Tropical Rainforest, Nature Diversity, Majestic Trees, outstanding Wildlife and biodiversity, this tour is by far one of the best method to view it all at a canopy level.

Climb to the top of the 1,000 ft. Antelope Falls and Big Drop falls where you can enjoy a breathtaking view and a refreshing swim in the azure waters. Afterwards you can rappel down either 300 or 500 feet down the waterfalls.

Flying through the air surrounded by nature is the most exhilarating feeling ever encountered, the birds and Howler Monkeys found onsite will be at eye level making you one with the prolific nature Belize if famous for.

The Zip Line Adventure consists of 10 Zip Line Platforms each strategically located within the Rainforest canopy. Double cables (each capable of withstanding 2,000 pounds of weight, the requirement for this tour truly has nothing to do with weight but with the size of the safety equipment) are used for the ultimate safety.

All landing Platforms are equipped with safety gear, handrails and Guides to meet your next landing as well as to ensure your personal safety throughout the tour.

The Platforms are as high as 85ft into the Canopy and as far apart as 250ft! So get ready for this fantastic ride and ensure to reserve early as spaces are limited!!!

Zip Line Tour can be combine with Cave Tubing, Contact Belize Jungle Masters for more info on Belize Zip Lining tours.

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