Belize Jungle Masters

The Best Jungle Adventure in Belize

Who are Belize Jungle Masters

Brothers Emilio Aviles & Gerson Barrera grew up in central Belize, the area you now as Cave Branch or Jaguar Paw. During the brothers childhood days, their hobbies was playing in the Jungle, Rivers and caves. As they grew up, knowledge of the area was handed down to them but their elders. As they mature and the brothers where able to get to rivers and caves by themselves, during there was a time when the brother was up river and needed a quick way to get down river.

The easiest way was to simply float down river, so they gather a couple tire tube and pump them up with a hand pump got into the river and float down stream. At the time tubing in the cave was a bit scary so they got off the tubes and actually swim or sometimes walk in the rive that flow through the cave to make sure there was nothing in the way that might cause the tube to burst. After the first refreshing and successful float, river cave tubing became a new hobby.

With their knowledge and experience in the jungles the brothers became masters tours guides. They did many training for Jungle Survival, CPR, along with Safety in Rappelling and have completed the tour guide course offer by The Belize Tourist Board. Together the brother boast 15+ years in experience and knowledge in the central Belize.

What The Belize Jungle Masters do?

With their extensive knowledge and experience that brother of Belize Jungle Masters, offer fantastic tours to some of the most awesome activities in Belize.

cave tubing
Going River Cave Tubing with these guys offer you a chance to step back into their lives, and witness nature in a relax as you float down river into caves, some where once used by the Mayas. If you desire something more challenging, go Waterfall Rappelling (Abseiling Adventure). Enjoy the waterfall as you stand at the top, then rappel down and experience power flow of the water.
Mayan Ruins, Wildlife Sanctuary and the Belize Zoo are many other awesome tours you can book with us at Belize Jungle Masters.

Belize Jungle Masters are also builders of some of the popular Zip Line, you do Zip Lining on today. They offer this services as Jungle landscaping for those of you who wish to tame your part of the jungle.

We had nothing to do, so we decided to go waterfall rappelling to past the time.

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